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"You were all I could think about today." "Close your eyes...can you imagine a flame? Love starts as a spark that bursts into a flame, leaving it's imprint on your heart. When you are in love, that flame is all you can imagine." - Finding Love the Way

Were we brought together to save each other? For so long I have been alone, grasping for anything to make me feel whole. Nothing felt right until you.

This is for that not so special someone who can't let it go and wants to keep beating a dead horse...just let it go little one, after all I have done and every slap in the face this is how I feel about you, Idgaf how you feel about me ;) LOL have an "amazingly" fucked up miserable existence and forget about those of us you keep talking about wanting to forget about!! Buh bye already geez!!

I've done this already, but I want to do it a bunch more!!

Its amazing though when you find someone who wants to hear absolutely everything and wants you to be happy everyday no matter if it costs them to drop everything for you, thats when you know there is definitely something special

I would for that special someone

Don't know what to give that special someone in your life (we all have one that this applies to) - send them this pin hack

So true

being with that special someone

Falling in love was on my bucket list. {Recently checked that one off and there are so many things I want to do with my special someone} Great ideas for date night.

I used to tell myself that. Then I realized that I do not miss him. I only missed the things he did to make me feel special. I have realized those actions in themselves were lies. And someone else does love me, and can love me better, because he truly believes what he says, and has real feeling behind his actions.


That special someone who makes you happy.

Put your heart on the line for that special someone

I'm holding this eCard out for that special someone. You know who you are.

We all know someone...

Love this. People are flawless, but when your man looks into your eyes and knows the hidden doubt in them is his to unravel, and tries is the purest form of love.

texts from him, yes I feel like a teenager again :)

For that special someone

Just one of many ways I know that I Love You...and always will. Happy Anniversary

And I still can't imagine anyone asking about me when I'm gone... but... maybe that's just the start.

❤️ I am lucky to have found mine, hope you find your someone special one day, rushing to marry someone out of lust before finding out the real person he/she may be, is a sure way to disaster! You will find that special person, I truly do feel sorry for those in a wasted time of an unhappy marriage, especially when children are involved with adults in a loveless marriage and stay together to prove a point to someone that you can have that person. Don't forget exes don't care.

Just some more sappy love quotes for my sentimental self about that special someone

waiting for God to bring me that special someone

I feel like this would be a great cross stitch pattern and to give to that special someone! Haha