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Cat Climbs via Stairs/Shelves/Cubes/Circles

To rule their kingdoms, cats MUST climb:) They are so happy in our clouds!

Really cool modular cat perches. This perch uses an IKEA stolman closet pole and clamps, and then you purchase the steps and platforms from Whisker Studio. The last picture on the home page is really coo, check it out! #cats #CatStairs #WhiskerStudio #Ikea

Cat Window Perches | Floppycats

Zelfgemaakte kattentrappaal dat scratching post and stairs too. #cats

Zelfgemaakte Kattentrappaal #cats

Scatch and climb fun! Le blog de Liouxious #cats #CatClimb

Un arbre à chat fait maison ! - Le blog de Liouxious

Unique Cat Trees has wonderfully designed cat highway tree! #cats #CatTree #CatShelves #UniqueCatTrees

Cat Wall Climbing Systems | Cat wall entertainment climbing shelves and walls. #cats #CatShelf

Cat wall entertainment climbing wall | cats | Pinterest

diy cat tree | For more shelf designs, check out: Unique and Creative Bookshelves #cats #CatShelf

Tree Branch Bookshelf

Cat Furniture - Cat Climbing Structures - love these winding stairs!!! #CountryLiving #cats

9 of the Craziest Cat-Climbing Structures in the World

Photos: Truly amazing cat furniture. Love these stairs! #cats #stairs

Photos: Truly amazing cat furniture

Especially love the tunnels idea! #cats #CatShelf (My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy, Kate Benjamin Catification, Kashmir Darla)

Behind the Scenes on My Cat From Hell: Kashmir & Darla

Cat tree to climb and scratch! #cats #CatTree

puu1.jpg (image)

Goldtatze - Designer Natur-Kratzbäume und Katzenzimmer #cats

Goldtatze - Designer Natur-Kratzbäume und Katzenzimmer

Wrapping a pole 1/4" manila rope for 20 cents a foot How To: For the 6 feet of pipe that we were going to cover we estimated that we needed about 50 feet of 1/4" manila rope, but we bought 100 feet of it because it was only 20 cents a foot. The total bill was $20. We needed every bit. #cats

How To Insulate Hot Pipes with Rope