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Cat Climbs via Stairs/Shelves/Cubes/Circles

To rule their kingdoms, cats MUST climb:) They are so happy in our clouds!

diy cat tree | For more shelf designs, check out: Unique and Creative Bookshelves #cats #CatShelf

Tree Branch Bookshelf

DIY Cat Stairs #cats #stairs

DIY Cat Bed - N!FY |

Cat Furniture - Cat Climbing Structures - love these winding stairs!!! #CountryLiving #cats

9 of the Craziest Cat-Climbing Structures in the World

Photos: Truly amazing cat furniture. Love these stairs! #cats #stairs

Photos: Truly amazing cat furniture

Especially love the tunnels idea! #cats #CatShelf (My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy, Kate Benjamin Catification, Kashmir Darla)

Behind the Scenes on My Cat From Hell: Kashmir & Darla

Cat tree to climb and scratch! #cats #CatTree

puu1.jpg (image)

Custom cat ramps in fun colors and patterns | Luxury and designer cat furniture, cat tree, cat condo | Dog/pet ramp #cats

Geometric modular shelving. #cats

FFFFOUND! | T. Shelf

Goldtatze - Designer Natur-Kratzbäume und Katzenzimmer #cats

Goldtatze - Designer Natur-Kratzbäume und Katzenzimmer

Wrapping a pole 1/4" manila rope for 20 cents a foot How To: For the 6 feet of pipe that we were going to cover we estimated that we needed about 50 feet of 1/4" manila rope, but we bought 100 feet of it because it was only 20 cents a foot. The total bill was $20. We needed every bit. #cats

How To Insulate Hot Pipes with Rope

Pretty cool cat furniture, I'd arrange differently tho. #cats

2008 Kitty Cat and Puppy Dog

Customer Builds the Ultimate Cat-Man-Cave using the CatsPlay Cat Wall System #cats #CatClimb #CatWall

The hicat® cat climber is a floor-to-ceiling made-to-measure climbing tube with internal perches and posts, fully covered in natural coir and offering peepholes for interactive games and fun! Love it:) #cats

Hicat Cat Climber | Make Them Roar

CAT -LADDERS: Björnäs, this design would provide a great cat workout in catio too:) #cats #catio


Cat tree with center tunnel design like and good condo in it as well as stair climbing concept. #cats #CatStairs

Kuva 384 (Medium) is true circus cat climbing antics! #cats

Kitty corner | Marko's brain barf

Urban Cat CC perch (in development). Love the modern design:) #cats

How cool is this? Royal Meow will add even more spiraling stairs for the senior kitty climbing ease! (pinned from RM FB pg!) #RoyalMeow #cats