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Styrofoam & Foam Board - DIY Wall Art & Sculpture

Inspiration.. Foam faux brick breakaway column. Nice!!

Techniques using Kapa-line foamboard - Faux wood texture created with a wire brush & painted with raw umber & light grey acrylic paint.

Using standard black foamboard

Inspiration.. styrofoam rose carving

Pearl's Perception

The Creative Imperative - making faux brick out of styrofoam/foam insulation panels.

The Creative Imperative

How to create a sandblasted effect on stryofoam using a vinyl (or contact paper) stencil and oil based spray paint. - Step-by-Step Tutorial

foam sandblasted sign

good info •Working with STYROFOAM: glues to use, bases, carving, weathering techniques, painting & sealing [3 pages]

Working in Styrofoam

How to make Faux Pebbles out of Floral Oasis - Tutorial

My creative workbook

Printmaking using Foam Insulation board from Lowe's and carved using an xacto knife (10 bucks for a huge piece of insulation board) - OH yeah! Can't wait to do this!!

meredith ward: Before & after and DIY printmaking

Helpful Tips & Techniques for making things out of Foam Board - Tutorial shows how to make a faux weapon, but lots of good general info. for making shapes, creating smooth texture etc..

Foam Board Weapon Tutorial

Inspiration - Melted Styrofoam Sculptures made from dripping petroleum based paints onto blocks of styrofoam & allowing the paint to dissolve it in certain areas. (you could use colored paints for a different effect)

Melted Styrofoam sculptures by Takashi Masubuchi | Spoon & Tamago

How to Diy: Scrap Stone "Relic" made out of styrofoam, joint compound and wallpaper scraps.

Scrap Styrofoam Relic

Concrete dipped styrofoam...much lighter and easier than casting concrete.

DIY et tuto étoile en béton
  • Stacy Medina

    seems we have a lot of similar fancies! Just started following about 70% of your boards :-)

  • Laura Z

    Yay!! Crafty soulmates! ;)

  • Stacy Medina

    really love this-I was researching this idea about 2months ago so I chuckled when I saw your pin. I'd like to make and sell foam creations of mine in my area-- so it was timely. I am only through about 5 of your boards-- so much glory to Sometimes I just pin stuff so I dont forget----thinkin, "-hey I did that a few years ago, remember how cool it was? ya do it again, you dork!" Im getting married next year and the whole tissue flowers and hanging pompoms etc

  • Laura Z

    Congrats! Wish Pinterest had been around when I got married! So many wonderful ideas... & YES... don't you just love working with styrofoam & cardboard?!! =)

  • Sue Tilley

    I just found your board and it's full of great info. I have tons of styrofoam packing material that I've been wanting to repurpose. Do you know what the mixture is that the blogger used on this star? It's written in French and doesn't seem to contain the recipe. Wondering if you've used this method. Thanks!

Inspiration... Foam board/Insulation board and sharpies

Rose made from pieces of packing styrofoam. Great idea.. then just cover with gesso and paint!

Cards ,Crafts ,Kids Projects: Thermocol Flowers Tutorial

Product Love - FOAMCOAT: a non-toxic, water based coating for styrofoam and polystyrene foam, as well as other surfaces. It provides a hard, durable finish that resists chipping and cracking, yet can be sanded smooth or carved to add detailing.

FoamCoat -

Using a Dremmel tool to cut, sand and add detail to blue/pink insulation foam.

Cutting Sanding and Detailing Your Mold

Tips & Techniques for working with "Kapa-Line" Foam Board - this foam board has a peelable paper covering over an ivory/beige colored foam. The paper can be carefully peeled off to use the soft foam layer beneath. This foam layer can then be easily inscribed, carved, sanded, embossed or ‘broken down’ to create different textures & effects.

Creating surfaces with Kapa-line foamboard