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Every winter since about 1990, sculptors have built a hotel and bar made of ice blocks from the nearby Torne River. When the spring thaw arrives, the facilities melt. New ones are created the next winter, usually opening in early December. Sleeping in an ice room is an unforgettable -- though not entirely comfortable -- experience. After all, it's apt to be minus 20 or 30 degrees. For summertime visitors, there's a lodge with chalets and lots of authentic Lapland adventure. The sun never sets for 100 days, and the temperature rarely rises above 75.

A photo by Justin Quinnell of the sun's pathways from a 6 month long pinhole exposure. The highest arc is the summer solstice, the lowest is the winter solstice, and the lines that are not continuous are from cloudy days when the sun only poked through now and then.

The door at Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California -- The sun only shines through this natural ‘door’ at just the right angle to create a beam of light, for two weeks out of the year–one week before and one week after the winter solstice. . .”

horsetail falls in winter and the very last sun rays of the day

winter sun