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40 secret iPhone features and shortcuts. I've only read through half and I already feel like I have a new phone!

So true

Funny Pictures - 31 Pics

I'm posting this for the sole benefit of Elisa A G, who apparently follows boards she disagrees with to pin onto a board titled "pins I'm ashamed of." hey grow up. I don't like your boards, and your logic is entirely flawed, but I don't feel the need to devote an entire board to it. It's a violation of my privacy and in some cases, a misuse of copyright of pins I personally created. So, unfollow me and do not repin my pins!

This is a group for all members, who want Pinterest to be a No PORN Pinterest website, help me stop PORN from ruining our Pinterest, if the flood gate is opened to PORN, we will be inundated with boards of filth. Thank You. Group Leader Aussiegirl Lori ★Repin if you agree ★

KEEP PINTEREST PORN FREE. Report anything you wouldn't want your children to see. Pornography is hiding in the least likely places. PLEASE PIN THIS TO YOUR BOARDS. GET THE WORD OUT SO WE CAN CLEAN HOUSE!

Get cheap Craigslist dated furniture and create the BEST child's bedroom! (Don't bother clicking on the picture - it won't take you anywhere but it was such a great idea I pinned it anyway, just for inspiration.)