Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 6 Beta Now Available as a Free Download from Adobe From Daily Tech Anyone using photo and/or video as an integral part of their marketing strategy should highly consider adding Photoshop to their arsenal.

Incredible Photo Blog about Business/Marketing/And Being a Fabulous Photographer

Awesome example of local retailer using Photo Tagging on Facebook in a marketing campaign.

Photo Niche Pin: Pinterest Marketing Strategies That Works!

After a few discussions, we decided it would be our best approach to show the faces of TKG (on Facebook, mind you). Here's our take on our new Timeline Cover Photo. Notice that the applications are focused on one common theme -- Content Marketing. We've implemented an email sign up form, as well as my blog and the TKG Whole Ball of Web blog. The soapboxes on which we share helpful tips and tricks.

Design Aglow’s maiden “fat” issue #1 is packed full with articles, insights, portfolios, and tutorials, all for the creative professional photographer. Featured articles include renowned photographers such as David Beckstead, Susan Stripling, Jinky and more. Exclusive Design Aglow added product bonuses included with this issue: actions, photo borders, and marketing templates.

Treasure Coast Photography Group Photo Exhibit Saturday April 7th. For more events in Martin County visit for help marketing your business visit

Supercharge Your Marketing by Pro Photographer Josh Hudson on, free photo educational content.

Photo marketing that works. It’s time to get emotional!

Hat in Hand photo

More cute photo marketing ideas

GREAT senior photo ideas - marketing, GROUP rates, sessions, etc.

Free guide to marketing yourself with photo books.

front page promo off epicurious, about GoT themed meals. fantastic marketing - clever, funny, perfect juxtaposition of copy and photo. totally got me to click through.

We've re-purposed our versatile client card templates into the perfect display for your camera images.  From Instagrams to Project 365s, these cards will get your images off your phone and into the hands of friends and family.  Use these cards for thank you's, marketing pieces, personal notes and more.Bay Photo beautifully printed these samples from our Minimalist and Contemporary design collections and Renee Bowen submitted her Instagram collection.  Her gorgeous images are motivating me

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