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Chris Hadfield imaged the 1,000-mile-view from Havana to Washington D.C. during his five-month-stint aboard the International Space Station. Credit: Chris Hadfield / NASA

Retired Astronaut Chris Hadfield Releases Stunning Space Photos

Galathea pilosa, the rainbow lobster

Sunset on Mars. (Photo: Mars Exploration Rover Spirit, NASA)

Puesta de Sol desde Marte (foto de la NASA)

Hercules beetle. Credit Udo Schmidt.

Rhino Beetle Weapons Match Their Fighting Styles

A screenshot of the ‘diamond ring effect’ as seen during a total solar eclipse captured by Kaguya from lunar orbit. Credit: JAXA/NHK.

REAL Images of Eclipses Seen From Space

The night sky over Horseshoe Bend, near Page Arizona. Credit and copyright: Jack Fusco.

Astrophoto: Nighttime at Horseshoe Bend

‘Old Faithful’ geyser in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming under a beautiful night sky on September 28, 2014. Credit and copyright: astroval1 on Flickr.

Astrophoto: Old Faithful Geyser Erupts Under a Starry Sky

The flying humpback whale. Photo: Steven Benjamin.

Fogonazos: La ballena jorobada que quería volar

A 180° panorama of an aurora display behind grain bins on a country road in Alberta, Canada. Credit and copyright: Alan Dyer/Amazing Sky Photography.

Astro-Panarama: Aurora on the Farm

A stylized Coronal Mass Ejection: The Sun as work of art. Credit and copyright: Rick Ellis.

Astrophoto: The Sun as a Work of Art

The International Space Station as seen by the departing STS-134 crew aboard space shuttle Endeavour in May 2011. Credit: NASA

Milky Way voer Fünfländerblick, in Switzerland. Credit and copyright: Christian Kamber.

Stunning Astrophoto: Milky Way Over Fünfländerblick

100 colorful planetary nebulae, at apparent size relative to one another. Image processing and collection by Judy Schmidt.

Behold: 100 Planetary Nebulas

Incredible image of a bug. Photo: Yousef Al Habshi

Imagen de la semana: Retratando lo pequeño

Acanthaspis petax, the insect that uses dead insects as armor.

El insecto que usa insectos muertos como armadura

Cuban Brown Anole (Anolis sagrei). Credit: Neil Losin.

The gibbous moon shines on Sept. 5, 2014. Credit: Christian Kamber.

Lunar Love: Stunning Shots Abound In Phases Around The SuperMoon

Argyropelecus lychnus under X-rays. Real "Science & Nature" (& 2). More at:

Fogonazos: Criaturas marinas fotografiadas con rayos X

Forcipiger longirostris under X-rays. Real "Science & Nature" :-)

Fogonazos: Criaturas marinas fotografiadas con rayos X

The Rosette Nebula, taken on September 9, 2014. A 5 hour exposure, using an Epsilon 180 ED telescope, with filters of 3nm Astrodon combining Hydrogen-alpha, Oxygen and Sulfur II. Credit and copyright: César Cantú.

Astrophoto: Spectacular View of the Rosette Nebula

A bright arc and pink-topped rays stipple the northern sky and light up the Bowl of the Big Dipper last night around 11:30 p.m. CDT over Caribou Lake north of Duluth, Minn. Credit: Guy Sander

Will Aurora Strike Tonight? Here’s What to Expect

Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull (2010, Iceland)

La erupción del volcán Eyjafjallajökull (2010)