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for you and your cutie, Video Game Collection ties - 4 nintendo Old Style Necktie. $85.00, via Etsy. $25 each

It's called "FRIEND with benefits" not booty call; so if you can't be a friend, you lose the benefits.

And cats. You can't forget the cats. | 27 Simply Gorgeous Prints That Show Someone You Love Them

but 'just friends' don't look at each other like that || bestfriend quote, best guy friend, best girl friend || I like you

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Do not lose yourself! Its really hard to recover from that! It was the worst thing I ever went through, thankfully you can find yourself again! You can do it! It will take time, but you, the real you, is more than worth it! Set your boundaries early!

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1 of the most valuable lessons my mom ever taught me, and I hope I never forget. Nothing wrong with fighting 4 each other, but why remain if something truly no longer makes you happy--it is a disservice to both parties. I will carry these words with me--though some may find it pessimistic, I find it hopeful. No one expects/plans that they will lose love, we hope we never will, but this reminds us that if you do, it is not the end. You will find it again if you allow yourself to move on.

The unwritten chapters are the most thrilling.

These words kept me going during a really hard time. And no truer words have ever been spoken. I am so blessed