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PLEASE only post photography tips here, or truly amazing photos. Posting ads or your own pictures may result in your being banned from the board. Spam spoils everything.

11 Essential Tips for Shooting a Night Landscape - Improve Photography

"If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'." - John Lennon

Best Macro Lenses: Unbiased Review of 8 Lenses, and it turns out that one of the cheapest options is actually one of the best quality!

The MacGyver Clamshell Light: Clean lighting in a pinch! - Improve Photography

The Difinitive Guide to how and what makeup to wear for photoshoots. Great for models and photographers

10 Tips for Sharper Photos (even when zoomed in). That was actually pretty helpful!

10 {Cheap Easy} Photography Backdrop Ideas

A list of photography labs to print at any level! Hobbyist and Professional Level.

Abandoned Milky Way

All about getting Rembrandt Lighting with flash photography. Pretty nice tutorial.

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14 Helpful Photography tips for Moms

12 common errors of night photography (and how to fix them)

7 (really common) Photography Mistakes to Avoid

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How to change the aperture on the iPhone