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Day in the Life of a College Student.

Hard to believe it was thundering just a few mins ago in nyc. instagram: seventh_stranger

I went bowling in Chelsea piers on Friday this view is lovely.

Gantry park. Love the view.

Playing cards in school.

On the way to the movies this morning. Btw titanic 3D was amazing.

Walking out of school. Beautiful flowers.

Wearing my adena's to school today. So comfy.

Frappuccino in the mornings.

So bored waiting for my friend at school but in the meanwhile eating some strawberry shortcake yum!

Pizza and snapple. My dinner almost everyday through this spring semester.

Me taking a picture of this lovely city.

Saw tigers as well..

Went to the museum of natural history after class yesterday. Sometimes I wish I could have been a paleontologist I'm obsessed with fossils and ancient history.

I fell in love with this I heart ronson skirt by Charlotte ronson. It was only 20 dollars. But unfortunately they didn't have my size. bummer.

Must Love Dogs.

Frappucino in the mornings.

Chalk Drawings.

Me in Central Park.

DKNY Ipad case I must have you!!


City college auditorium grand hall beautiful.

Nyc train commute love it.