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Jaunty 4 Life

Things I'd like to wear.

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Jaunty 4 Life

  • 204 Pins

Emma Stone in a floral coat – love the colour and print (and also the sack-like shape) but those heels are stupidly high.

Best Dressed of the Week - 02/05/14

I think I need to take up the hem of my sack dress; the fashionable ones all seem to be above the knee.

I've recently bought a shapeless sack dress and am wondering how to style it.

Nice combo of relaxed denim and neat pencil skirt.

This coat looks so avant-garde but it's from around 1860; the bell shape is to fit over a crinoline.

Like the cardigan; dislike the belt over the cardigan.

The Pretty Life Girls: The 'Growing-Out-Bangs' of Style Times.

Fuchsia Chalcedony Teardrop Earrings

Chanel, 1920s. I quite like the tassel brooch – it'd be so easy to make one by, uh, attaching a tassel to a brooch.

My love of retro - the 1920's flapper

Organic by John Patrick, New York, Spring 2014. I like the slouchy silhouette and the similar tones.

Organic by John Patrick

A little preppy, a little glam – time to reboot Seven Sisters Summer!

This looks like Ossie Clark's take on a yukata.

I like the layering and the fact the denim shirt is worn open.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's outfit is very '70s, very Ossie Clark. I am obsessed with the costumes in 'American Hustle' at the moment and am super glad I own an evening dress with this silhouette, even down to the epic side split.

60's enamel flower collection

Cashmere, Chambray, and pearls – omg omg I already own these three items.

I think I pinned this top over at the Hipster Tipster once, but I'm pinning the skirt now. I have an electric blue skirt much like this: gathered waist; tea-length; pockets! I'd love a red one.

white & red | Sumally

I love Andie Macdowell's big ole red scarf worn with that green dress. She looks great.

I am pinning this for the red hair/pink sunnies/red lipstick combo rather than the weird, shapeless capey thing and Hammer pants. But I think the bronze colour looks great on her!

Really like this jumper! Like a trompe l'oeil fur.

JAUNTY PUSSY! This is the Pinterestiest picture of all time – IRL that cat would be rolling around on the floor clawing at the bow and trying to eat it.

Leisure rose printed sweater

1950's Don Loper Silk Evening Coat – I would love to sashay into some fancy restaurant wearing this.

I wish I could rock such gamine looks but basically I have no ankles.

Outsider Pants In Navy

Original caption: "Consider this a public service announcement. Bobby socks and saddle shoes are for teenagers. If you're not one, (or very close to) don't wear them!!" To which I say, YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM.