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Polar bear Anori - half sister to Knut - plays underwater with her mother Vilma at Wuppertal Zoo, Germany Picture: Action Press / Rex Features (via Pictures of the day: 7 June 2012 - Telegraph)

A grizzly bear feasts on a sockeye salmon in Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska Picture: Ami Vitale / Barcroft Media

Working aquatic-elephants like Rajan used to be a regular sight in the Andaman Islands, south of India, but this 60-year-old five tonne Asian elephant is the last of his kind. Thanks to the introduction of motor boats and other energy-saving technology, Rajan no longer needs to swim miles between islands to work for his masters, but can now enjoy swimming purely for pleasure. Rajan still swims for ten minutes twice a day, completing about 500 yards before heading back to shore. Brazilian Photographer, Daniel Botelho, 30, travelled to the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean after hearing stories of islanders swimming with the giant beasts. He said: “I almost got killed by the elephant during one photo shoot. Suddenly a swell came and took me and the elephant by surprise. I was stuck in the sand because of the crash of the wave. He did his best not to kill me - I felt him rolling on top and away from me.” Picture: Daniel Botelho / Barcroft Media (Source: