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I have twenty two piercings. twelve in my ears, four on my face, and six on my body. I love body modification- piercings in particular; and I collect pictures of them on this board.

rook, conch, tragus, and lobe piercing.

Pretty, Pretty Ears

my hip surface anchors/dermals. this time with larger gems. and medical tape. plus my standard navel and inverse navel piercings.

my new hip surface anchors/dermals and my standard navel and inverse navel piercings.

  • Kristine Johnson

    Does it get caught on your clothes?

  • emily forrester

    I literally just got them. I still have them covered up by band aids. but the ones on my back usually don't get caught on anything.

  • ♥ Rosas ♥

    Mine get caught on thread time to time and under my shorts or pants :)

  • emily forrester

    they haven't gotten caught yet. my right one is being a little finicky, but other than that they are fine.

What Are the Dangers of Self-Piercing? | Piercings

I submitted this to your facebook page but here is... - Your Ear Stretching Connection

Submitting!  My 0g tragus piercings, outfitted... - Your Ear Stretching Connection

4 lower back microdermal piercings very cute!!

Master Pierce Ltd. | Professional piercing

this is my tummy, with my standard and inverse navel. the jewelry is anatometal. I would love some hip surface anchors to go along with it.

  • Violet Durig

    I have the same thing. I also would love my hips done!

  • emily forrester

    I'm working on convincing my boyfriend to let me get them done.

  • Violet Durig

    They look sexy, in my opinion! And you've got a nice tummy. ^.^ they would look great.

shell tattoo with dermal.

lower back piercing

industrial, rook, daith, conch, lobes.

Body Piercing | Zebra Tattoo and Body Piercing

I want these plugs to match the tattoos on my feet.

vampire bites | #vampire#bites#microdermal#neck#piercing#piercings#bodypiercing#bodypiercingsk

Braille subdermal implants. Directly translates to, “No sky no earth but still snowflakes fall”