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A focus on yarny tutorials and just plain pretty yarns. See my Craftery board for actual knit/crochet projects.

Mock cables: spiral-stitch edition - LoveKnitting blog #tutorial

Mock cables: Spiral-stitch edition

How to knit seamless set-in sleeves from the top down. #tutorial

How to knit seamless set-in sleeves from the top down

Very neat knit blanket binding - great instructions from Whits Knits at the Purl Bee #tutorial

Rib #6 this is the correct side, while the reverse looks like a 'spaced' rib. #tutorial

Ribbing : 6 | Knitca™

dandelion knitting stitch #tutorial

Dandelion Flower Knitting Stitch - Pattern 2 | Knitting Unlimited

DIY - how to make a knitting pattern using Excel. I don't know if I'm quite ready to wrap my head around this, but I'm saving it for when I grow up and become smart.

The Weekly Stitch: Twice-Turned Stitch #tutorial

Neaten the Last Stitch of your Bind-Off: Step-by-Step Instructions #tutorial

Right side of knitting stitch pattern - Cable 1

Underarm Divide Part 2. Picking up stitches for the sleeves and fixing the underarm hole. #tutorials

5 basic shawl shapes by this lyre lark, via Flickr #tutorial

Free Circular Shawl Knitting Cheat Sheet – Laylock Knitwear Design #tutorial

Knit Flowers. #tutorial

Pop Spots #Tutorial

How to end a bind-off in the middle of your knitting neatly. Technitter wizardry at work. #tutorial

How to Create Natural Dyes From Plants

Phalangees fingered gloves, Knitty Deep Fall 2012; tutorial for how to add finger openings to fingerless mitts without casting on, picking up, or breaking the yarn. Brilliant! #tutorial

Knitting Tip - Accentuated Decreasing

plum & persimmon sock yarn. Beautiful color combo!

Grafting non-live stitches. #tutorial

No Bump KFB: Instead of knitting into the front and back of the stitch, knit into the front of the stitch, don't remove it, go in as if you're going to knit into the back and slip it off the left needle onto the right. You eliminate the purl bump. #tutorial

How To Knit a Neat Selvage. Knit to the last stitch of each row and bring the yarn forward before slipping it. This site has many old stitch patterns. #tutorial

supergreat and easy explanation of knitting short rows, and you end up with a round mat or pillow cover. #tutorial

How To Make a Double Folded Blanket Edge. purlbee #tutorial