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New Books

Books that have been recently acquired by the Isaac Newton Institute Library. These include donations and regular series, as well as books purchased for current research programmes.

M Dewatripont: Balancing the banks. New book for the Systemic Risk programme.

RS Tsay, Multivariate Time Series Analysis

L Caffarelli and S Salsa, A Geometric Approach to Free Boundary Problems

T Ceccherini-Silberstein, F Scarabotti and F Tolli, Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis of Wreath Products of Finite Groups

C David, M Lalin and M Manes (eds.), Women in Numbers 2: Research Directions in Number Theory

P Bleher and K Liechty, Random Matrices and the Six-Vertex Model

R Ball, V Kolokoltsov and RS MacKay (eds.), Complexity Science: The Warwick Master's Course

N Greenberg, JD Hamkins, D Hirschfeldt and R Miller (eds.), Effective Mathematics of the Uncountable

J Chen and AK Gupta, Parametric Statistical Change Point Analysis

R Prado and M West, Time Series: Modeling, Computation and Inference

T Terasvirta, D Tjostheim and CWJ Granger, Modelling Nonlinear Economic Time Series