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PaperBird : Unfolded: Just Another DIY T-Shirt Makeover

PaperBird : Unfolded: Just Another DIY T-Shirt Makeover

easiest maxi tutorial. I think THIS Spring and Summer I will be a dress/skirt person... have been promising myself that for about three years now! THIS IS IT!!!!!

Easiest Jersey Maxi Skirt Tutorial!

skirt tutorial....when I get some time handed to me on that silver platter

Simple Simon and Company: Easy Striped Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Easy Striped Maxi Skirt Tutorial - Simple Simon and Company

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar: Refashionista - Delia from Delia Creates

How to make a cute panda bear hooded towel - perfect for big kids who want hooded towels, too!

Super easy skirts made out of huge t-shirts. A 30-minute project, start to finish. They’re perfect for summertime. They’re perfect for when you’re pregnant, they’re perfect for after you have the baby. They’re perfect if you change size or shape or hate your clothes. They’re just simply PERFECT. Comfortable, casual, and cheap.

The Shirt Skirt - Sew Like My Mom

The Everyday Skirt - 1 yard of knit fabric, < 1 hour, and you're good to go. Will be making a thousand of these for summer!!

when little girl jeans get too short...and the next size up is still too long

no sew doll sleeping bags - but what fun to make a matching one life sized! ♥ craftyagentmom

25 minute homemade pencil skirt - as good as done. Plus, it's stretch knit and elastic, so... comfortable church-wear!

Suburbs Mama: Knit Pencil Skirt