The Dark Knight: Night Shift - Batman by Isidore Koliavras | Isikol

Batman by Serge Birault | PapaNinja *

"The Dark Knight" by Lius Lasahido

The Dark Knight by LASAHIDO on deviantART

DARTH VADER Star Wars Illustration by ellasgoods on Etsy

Real-Life ‘Batman: Arkham City’ Costume is Truly Best Cosplay Ever


Catwoman by DmitryGrebenkov on deviantART

(BATMAN #421, July 1988) - Dick Giordano (Pencils), Joe Rubinstein (Inks)

Cyclops, Storm, and Corsair by Mike Mignola


R2d2 By Fr3d L4ng by Eddy-Swan on deviantART

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