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"Every human being is the author of their own health or disease." ~Sivananda

How Going Back To Basics Totally Changed My Skin #Refinery29

How Going Back To Basics Totally Changed My Skin

Camu Camu Benefits: 11 Things You Need To Know About The Fruit

Make Your Own “Clean” Natural Toothpaste with Coconut Oil

Neem Chew Sticks... Chew the end of the stick to form bristles and then carefully rub the bristles along your gum line as you would a toothbrush. Cut off the end each time you use it to ensure freshness.

Ancestral Skin Recipe: Drink Up with Barley Water...Barley has been shown to reduce inflammation and help skin create a stronger barrier to protect itself from outside pollutants. It also aids digestion, is a good source of fiber and selenium, and is considered a key grain in protecting against heart disease, diabetes and many other ailments.

Ancestral Skin Recipe: Drink Up with Barley Water

Listerine & Vinegar Foot Soak: Help or Hype? Listerine contains Thymol, an ingredient that does kill some bacteria and fungi. Although the concentration is lower in this than in some prescription products, it probably does “kill germs

Olivella Virgin Olive Oil Face and Body Liquid Soap Our number 1 rated (Allure Magazine December 2010) Face and Body Bar Soap is now available in liquid form, from 100% virgin olive, it cleanses without leaving an oily residue.

Ancient Skin Secrets... Jacqueline’s Okra Hydrating Mask Take a handful of fresh okra and boil until soft. Let cool. Mash it up, into a slimy consistency, and apply it to the face. Let it sit on your skin for 5 minutes and rinse. Your skin will feel quenched and smooth.

What is Demerara Sugar? Without question, we all have a pretty good idea of what sugar is. White refined sugar, which is the most common form of sugar commercially found, is usually made from either sugarcane (a perennial grass) or sugar beets (a sort of tuber). The products are then sufficiently refined and made into the granular white sugar we all know so well.

Rice Water for Skin, Hair and Health...The craze of using rice water is catching up very fast. If you have not yet heard of it, rice water is highly beneficial for certain health issues and also in taking care of the skin and hair. Let us first see the health benefits:

"Our tonics combine organic whole fruits and veggies and high-nutrient green superfoods such as spirulina, chlorella, and barley grass with stabilizing herbal infusions. Our healing elixirs, drawn from ancient folk wisdom, are vibrant and vitamin-rich. All created to help you nourish yourself."

How To Get Rid Of Ants: Homemade, Natural Ways To Stop An Infestation...Some of these measures are deterrents. That is, they deter the ants from coming in your house. This seems to work well for those with a mild problem. Others found that they needed to use a method that kills the whole colony of ants. I've compiled the comments and suggestions by category, allowing you to compare the different methods a little more easily.

13 Natural Defenses Against Ants

Natural skin tightening homemade face masks

  • Ina St Luce

    Papaya Homemade Face Mask for Skin Tightening: Papaya is one of the best skin care products for firming sagging skin and loose skin. Papaya natural face masks can help reduce the appearance of enlarged skin pores. Papaya has an enzyme called papain that will prevent wrinkles, clear enlarged pores and make them appear smaller, and make your skin looking soft, smooth, and looking young. Prepare a homemade face mask by mixing mashed papaya, rice flour, and honey together. Keep this natural face mask on for 20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. This is one of the best homemade facial masks for getting rid of sagging skin and wrinkles.

Tea for Stability - A wild vine native to southern China, jiaogulan (JEE-ow-goo-lan) is described by local inhabitants as the “immortality herb.” Ancient cultures believe this adaptogenic herb, similar to ginseng, could benefit the whole body. Recognized for over a thousand years for its anti-aging, anti-anxiety and antioxidant properties, Jiaogulan is thought in Chinese culture to provide unusual longevity. This fragrant, healthy cuppa is infused with monk fruit, a celebrated natural sweeten...

Jiaogulan SuperHerb® Tea Bags

Tea for Nourishment - Known as the “miracle tree,” Moringa (mor-IN-ga) has small, vibrant leaves that have long been prized in indigenous cultures for their healing properties. We have sourced the highest quality moringa from sustainable farms based in hot, tropical climates where the trees thrive. Traditionally used as medicine or cooked into soups and stews, moringa is also delightful steeped for sipping.

Reminiscent of a breezy walk among the mighty trees on the Avenue of the Baobabs in western Madagascar, Traditionally used as a versatile medicine, baobab has a reputation for fighting asthma and soothing inflammation and fatigue. More products in this collection »

Marius Fabre "Olivia" Organic Lip Balm. This 100% natural lip balm from Marius Fabre is rejuvenating, nourishing and helps to avoid chapping. It has a delicate lemon fragrance. The natural ingredients are high in anti-oxidants and include olive oil, bees and olive wax, squalane oil from olives, almost 50% Shea butter, and essential oils of lemon and grapefruit. All ingredients are certified organic.

  • Amanda Leon

    From my last trip in Paris, i love this on my lips, eye, and cuticles!

Tempted to try this hmmmm.. a pinner says: Soak your strands with tea bags (chamomile, a golden mix for blondes; rooibos, a rich orange for redheads; or black tea, dark for brunettes) boiled in 2 cups of water once a week for high-wattage shine and rich color, whatever your hue. (Directions linked!) Another pinner wrote: Pinning this again because it works magic. DO IT.

(Maximum Living) MineralRich is an award winning Maximum Living formulation provides a naturally balanced blend of essential minerals and over 70 trace minerals in their ionic form for maximum bioavailability. The delicious mineral rich cherry flavored formula nutritionally supports the health of bones, muscles, teeth, hair, skin and nails, and contains a boost of vitamins B12 and Biotin. Suggested use is 2 tablespoons daily.

MineralRich Liquid Mineral Maximum Living (Vitamins Supplements)

Certified Nutritionist Dr. Victor Dolan is posting a really easy-but-effective recipe which is designed to help you detoxify your body and reduce inflammation in your joints and muscles.

Earthly Body Miracle Oil Healing Formula is a blend of 100% natural & essential oils, featuring three known natural healants. 9 Natural Oils including Hemp Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E. Directions: Apply a small amount of Miracle Oil to all affected areas.

31 ways to use a lemon peel Don't throw your lemon peels away! Here are 31 ways to use them.