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New Adventurous Board Game "King of the Mountain" - Race Your Family to the Top of a Mountain! (Watch out for animals!) #Hiking #Outdoors #Game

New Invention Makes Opening and Re-Sealing Food Packages Easy! #Lunch #Food

See the Back of Your Head When Styling Your Hair! New Mirror Invention Patent! #Hair #HairStyles

Grow Your Own #Kittens from Anywhere! New Grow-A-Kitty Invention Revolutionizes #Pet Industry!

New Interactive Toy Model Could Help Kids and Parents Alike Take Social Responsibilty for the #Planet.

Storing tools in your pickup truck? This inventor thinks he has a better way. Click to find out!

New Toy for Dogs & Cats Helps Them Exercise & Stay Fit! (Fun Fact: It was Invented by a Former NFL Player!)

InventHelp Client and Former NFL Player Invents New Pet Product

Battery-Powered Device Could Clean Car & Truck Windows Easily, Fit Compactly in Trunk. #Auto #CarWash

The Big Bang Theory & Ted Talking Pens Now Sold in Novelty Retail Stores!

This New Tag-Along Travel Mat Invention Has Pockets for Devices, Protects Luggage & Keeps You Comfortable during Flights!

New Invention Could Automatically Rotate TV to Desired Viewing Angle via Remote Control!

New Invention Could Clean Up Fireplaces Much Easier!

New Invention Could Make Flip Flops Less Flip Floppy. Find out How!

NEW Invention "Foot Rest Saver" Keeps Footrests with a #Wheelchair, Lessens Risk of Injury & Discomfort.

Would you pick up a football-shaped organizer for a holiday gift? (Click the PIN to read more!)