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Invention Stories

Here you can read about some inventors' experiences as InventHelp clients and their stories of working with our invention submission program.

InventHelp® Client's SideSleeper Pro™ Pillow Sold in Bed, Bath & Beyond

[S$0.00][LOWEST PRICE] As Seen on TV Side Sleeper Pro Pillow
  • Cindy McDaniel

    I had one of these pillows wore it out and now time for another one, helps my neck a lot

  • InventHelp

    Glad to hear that the pillow has helped your neck! Sweet dreams!

InventHelp Clients End the Year with Infomercial Test Run for Brush 'N Spray Invention

InventHelp – Complaints Turn into Innovation

Wham-o Toys signs license agreement with InventHelp client - Splash Wash

Prep Guard Kitchen Aid Secures Infomercial Test Run