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Invention Trivia

InventHelp has put together this collection of invention trivia and fun facts for you to enjoy. Take our interactive quiz to test your knowledge of invention history.

Q: What Affliction Did Alexander Bell's Mother & Wife Have That Led to His Telephone Invention? A: (Click the PIN for the Answer!) #TriviaTuesday

Can you guess what color the first candy canes were? Click the PIN to find the answer! #TriviaTuesday #Invention #Trivia #candycanes #holidays

#TriviaTuesday Q: English #hairdressers were the 1st makers of #shampoo. What ingredients did they use? A: (Click the PIN for the answer!)

Q: What invention was inspired by 270 tons of leftover Thanksgiving turkey!? (Click the PIN to find the answer!)

#TriviaTuesday: What household #product did inventor Marion Donovan use to create the first disposable #diaper #prototypes? Answer: Click the Pin!

#TriviaTuesday Q: How old was Chester Greenwood when he invented #earmuffs? A: Click the pin to find the answer!

#TriviaTuesday Q: Approximately how long do you think it took inventors to create the board game Trivial Pursuit? A:

Did You Know Mrs T's was the 1st Company to Produce Pierogi Samples for a Local Grocery Store in 1952? #TriviaTuesday #NationalPierogiDay

Q: What do you think the first coin-operated vending machines dispensed? A: Click Pin For The Answer! #TriviaTuesday #Trivia #InventionTrivia

Q: This avid vegetarian invented the graham cracker. What was his name? Click the pin to find out! (Photo Credit:

#TriviaTuesday 1st day commuting back to work & school today? Answer This! Q: Who invented the seat belt? A:

Trivia Tuesday! Answer This: Who Was the Man Best Known for Inventing the 1st Doughnut With a Hole in the Middle?

Sebastien Lenormand vs Leonardo da Vinci. Who invented the parachute? Find out: www.da-vinci-inve...

Trivia Tuesday: Happy Birthday to Vladimir Zworykin! Can you guess what invention he is demonstrating in this photo?

  • Patent Plaques

    Is it his Kinescope? Also, look at the woman's facial expression. I can't imagine what she's thinking in this moment...!

  • Joshi

    How to impress chicks with a cathode tube television or an ipod; I'm not sure which.

#Invention #Trivia This silly toy was made due to a rubber shortage during war! Which war was it? Answer:

Trivia Tuesday!: Q: What invention was named after these feathered animals during WWII? A:

#Trivia #Tuesday Who Invented This Salty Snack in 1853? Find the Answer:

Q: Contrary to popular belief, Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. What did he invent? A: www.american-inve... #Invention #Trivia #Tuesday

Hey, Sea Lovers - Answer This! What commonly used product was originally made out of fish, first patent issued around 1750? Trivia Tuesday Answer:

Trivia Tuesday: This African American Inventor was Instrumental in the Invention of the Personal Computer (PC) | Answer:

Dr. Mark Dean: Computer Inventions

#TriviaTuesday Thanks To This Woman Inventor For Accidentally Creating This Delicious Dessert! Who Invented Chocolate Chip Cookies? | Answer: www.women-invento...

Trivia Tuesday! Who was the American inventor that came up with the idea for air conditioning? Answer: www.american-inve...

Trivia Tuesday: Who's The Inventor That Discovered 300 Different Uses for Peanuts? | Answer:

The Wright Brothers Didn't Invent The Airplane...And 9 Other Inventors Who've Been Wrongly Credited www.businessinsid...