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Invention/Inventor TRIVIA

InventHelp has put together this collection of invention trivia and fun facts for you to enjoy. Take our interactive quiz to test your knowledge of invention history.

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Invention/Inventor TRIVIA

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#TriviaTuesday This toy, invented in 1949 and first sold in 1952, was the first to be advertised on television.

What inventor, who lived in the 19th century, worked at a bookbindery as a child and read the books that he bound, educating him to become a famous scientist?

In 1901, three brothers, Arthur, William, and Walter and their friend William altered a bicycle to create what famous brand of transportation that is still popular over 100 years later?

Nearly 97% of all U.S. households have at least one of these consumer electronics, which were developed over many years, starting as early as the late 1800s?

#TriviaTuesday What popular strategy game originated in India during 6th century AD and has been played all over the world ever since?

#TriviaTuesday This brand of candy, named after the inventor who created it, supplied candy bars for U.S. armed forces during World War II.

#TriviaTuesday What innovative video game had instructions that began with the phrase, “Avoid Missing Ball for High Score”?

#TriviaTuesday Which early US president, who was also a statesman, inventor, and scholar, invented the swivel chair, the spherical sundial, the moldboard plow, and the cipher wheel?

#TriviaTuesday What well-known beverage was invented in the late 1800s and was originally marketed as medicine?

#TriviaTuesday Which full time actor, part-time race car driver invented and patented the bucket seat in 1969?

In 1907, Inventor, salesman, and janitor James Spengler combined a soap box, pillow case, a fan, and tape to invent what appliance that you use in your home?

Inventor Arthur Fry sang in his church choir and used makeshift paper bookmarks to hold his place in his hymnal. However, he was annoyed with the way the bookmarks would fall out of his hymnal. What well known product did he create to fix his problem?

In 1930, Ruth Graves Wakerfield invented what tasty treat when she used semi-sweet chocolate pieces instead of baker’s chocolate in a recipe?

Chinese political official Cai Lun, sometimes known as Ts'ai Lun or Jingzhong, is traditionally regarded as the inventor of paper and the standardized papermaking process. What materials did he use to create paper in 2nd century BC?

#TRIVIATUESDAY Henry Ford is credited with creating the first automobile to be mass produced through assembly line – the Motel T. Ford had been a tinkerer for many years, helping his friends and family to repair something that they needed in their everyday lives. By the age of 15, Ford was known in his community for repairing what essential items?

#TRIVIATUESDAY Everyone has heard of the phrase “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” In 1912, Otto Rederick Rohwedder created a prototype that sliced a whole loaf of bread at a time. The prototype was later destroyed in a fire, and it wasn’t until 1928 that he created a fully working machine. A St. Louis baker improved his invention by altering the design so that the bread could be conveniently packaged. In 1928, what brand was the first to market packaged, sliced bread?

#TRIVIATUESDAY Benjamin Franklin was quite the prolific inventor. His extensive list of inventions includes bifocals, the lightning rod, the Franklin Stove, swim fins, and even a musical instrument. What instrument did Benjamin Franklin invent in 1761?

TRIVIA TUESDAY #TriviaTuesday What popular summertime treat was rumored to be invented by an 11-year-old who left a glass of water and powdered soda on his porch overnight?

TRIVIA TUESDAY #TriviaTuesday Pranksters and jokesters have enjoyed this product since Roman Emperor Elagabalus (203 – 222 AD) started using it at dinner parties to trick his guests into making some very rude noises. The modern version was invented in the 1920s and has been an essential for practical jokes ever since.

TRIVIA TUESDAY #TriviaTuesday Swiss engineer George de Mestral was out hunting with his dog when he noticed that burrs easily stuck to its fur. The “hooks” in burrs gave Mestral an idea that turned into this product that may help you with your shoes

#TriviaTuesday Ever wondered about the origin of swimming pools? The “Great Bath” at the site of Mohenjo-Daro in modern day Pakistan is said to be the 1st pool ever created in the 3rd Millennium BC, & the ancient Greeks & Romans built pools for athletic training, nautical games & military exercises. The first heated pool was built by Gaius Maecenas of Rome in the 1st century BC. Today, there are millions of swimming pools across the U.S. What % of Americans do you think know how to swim?

#TriviaTuesday-- The Super Soaker water gun was invented by Engineer Lonnie Johnson in 1982. He made his prototype out of just 3 items: PVC Pipe, Plexiglass and ___________?

Q: What Affliction Did Alexander Bell's Mother & Wife Have That Led to His Telephone Invention? #TriviaTuesday

Can you guess what color the first candy canes were? Click the PIN to find the answer! #TriviaTuesday #Invention #Trivia #candycanes #holidays

#TriviaTuesday Q: English #hairdressers were the 1st makers of #shampoo. What ingredients did they use?