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OLD CDs DIY projects

I am sure there are a few unwanted CDs lying in some corner at every home. One day they are bound to see the trash bin and get added to the e-waste generated by this world. But hang on a minute, there are almost infinite ways in which you can reuse these old CDs to create something really useful. So

SUSSEXMOUSE Crafting, Recycling and me: Blinged mosaic flower pot made with old CDs and DVDs

Old CD's make excellent bird scarers for trees and garden plants.

The Quince Tree: Today Was a Sunny Day

Great use for old CD and disk boxes! Goodwill, here I come.

CD light catcher. I used to run a record label, I have a lot of old CDs laying around.

little preschool on the prairie: light catchers

Made with old CD's, and little mirrors glued to the middles. From the brain of miss Joan Hart :-)

How to make windchimes out of old cds

How to Make Wind Chimes Out of CDs | eHow

use old cd's and beads on a string to keep out critters

Problem-Solving - This is War Part II

DIY: Decorating your dorm room with old CDs | Dormify

DIY: Decorating your dorm room with old CDs | Dormify

Now I know what to do with all those old CD's!

Story Stick Medallions on

Old CDs as plant markers... brilliant! via Boulder Families

Boulder Family Projects: DIY Recycled Garden Markers

Save your old CD cases! Soil + grass seed + poster markers = living art. Art Projects for Kids

Art Projects for Kids

Recycle your old CD's

Recycle your old CD's!

25 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old CD Holders.

25 Creative and Cool Ways To Reuse Old CD Holders.

CHICKEN Safe from HAWKS!!!! OLD CD they HATE the shiney!!!! How to Scare Away Birds With Old CDs DONT FORGET to Sharpie some Bugs on it, as the chickens LOVE TO PLAY WITH THEM TOO!!!!

How to Scare Away Birds With Old CDs | eHow

Repurpose your old CDs and CD cases with these 10 DIY tutorials.

10 Ways to Repurpose CDs & CD Cases


Gets Bored Easily: What can you do with - OLD CD's?

Another great CD Upcycle into a ear ring holder. This gives me so many other ideas to use the old CD holders for!

CD Spindle Earring Stand

Make scratch board out of an old CD

CD Case Coasters (Need: 1. old cd case (clear, with no stickers on the back) 2. decorative paper 3. scissors 4. colored masking tape 5. exacto blade and cutting board)

diy project: kate’s pretty paper coaster/trivets | Design*Sponge