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Denman Bike Shop - Vancouver bicycle store, repair and service - Product detail

The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain. $69.95 This is the outdoor pet fountain that automatically dispenses water when a dog is present. A built-in sonar proximity sensor detects a dog's presence within 3" and across a 40u00B0 angle, automatically turns on the water, and turns it off when the pet leaves.

The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain 83700

Trampoline room! Anyone who got too unruly would be banished to 'The Room of One Thousand Bounces'.

Paper [which gets left behind constantly] gets turned into a pencil [which no one ever seems to have]. I think every classroom needs this one. Do I know any teachers? This is cool.

Pens That Camouflage As Grass Brighten Up Your Office

Herbal Infusion Shower Head...I would love to put some tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, & some lavender in there to open up my sinuses and make it so soothing & relaxing!

organised hangers-i want one of these because then it may not be such a pain to put away laundry