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Last Call by Tim Powers. My introduction to his writing, which I absolutely love. Poker, the Tarot, Vegas, the Mob and the myth of the Fisher King. Barbara Hambly once said they should give him his own genre designation on the back of the book, and it should say "Fucking Weird."

Deck of Cards = Unexpected Holiday Wreath Poker fans will get a kick out of repurposing a deck of cards as a cheery holiday wreath. Create multiple layers of cards with thick mounting tape; this gives the wreath more dimension. For added whimsy, attach red and green poker chips in one corner to resemble a sprig of holly. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

This is a permanent photo display (playing cards used as a mat), but if you replace this with pictures of friends having a night out and other lively scenes, it can be a great way to decorate for a casino night or game night

Ranch Cheese Ball. Poker night snack!

What's poker night without snacks?

My mother made this for her bridge nights. It was also served when my parents poker party got together once a month. It was also a bit hit! Original Chex® Party Mix

4 pc casino party poker Playing card spade candy beer nut serving dish dip bowl

A professional grade poker night in one manly crate. Premium poker gear, blackout shades, four awesome shot glasses and high-quality snacks.

Makes a great snack for tailgating or poker night or ........just because they taste awesome!!

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Nobody cares what you folded Poker

Players who almost always continuation bet on the flop (80+%) are just asking to be check-raised! #pokertips

Don’t educate bad players…let them keep making the same mistakes and padding your bankroll! #pokertips

You’re not being deceptive if you ALWAYS limp with Aces. Limp with them sometimes, but usually you should RAISE! #pokertips

Texas Hold'em Poker Tips and Tricks

The Top 7 tips to become a Poker Player Best and improve your poker game