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Eva Tramell closet ♥Crossfire♥

Some of Eva's clothes in "Crossfire novels" by Sylvia Day.

❤CARINE GILSON As if he couldn't stop touching me, Gideon washed me from head to toe; then he dried me with a towel and wrapped me in a new robe of embroidered teal silk with kimono sleeves. He finished by pulling a pair of similarly hued drawstring silk pants out of a drawer for himself. pg. 206

Eva gets ready for work with Gideon: "I chose a slim pair of pressed natural-linen slacks and a sleeveless poplin shell in a soft grey that matched my eyes. Since I had no hairstyling talent, I pulled my long blond hair back in a simple ponytail, then made up my face. Reflected In You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day

Eva and Cary go to Gideon's club after dancing the night away to get off their feet for awhile. Gideon "wore dress slacks in graphite gray and a black V-neck sweater..A pretty waitress set two pinkish-colored drinks in square tumblers on the table"..Gideon "tugged me just a bit closer. The hem of my short black halter dress slipped indecently high, and his gaze was riveted.. - Bared to You by Sylvia Day

"As Gideon’s driver pulled into traffic, Gideon checked me out and said, “You’re definitely trying to kill me. Are you wearing the garters again?” Pulling the hem of my skirt up, I showed him where the top of my black silk stockings hooked to my black lace garter belt. His muttered curse made me smile. I’d chosen a black short-sleeved silk turtleneck sweater paired with a decently short pleated skirt in lipstick red and heeled Mary Janes. ... “You like?” “I’m hard.” - "Bared to you" #Crossfire

Eva's crimson long sleeved silk shirt & black pencil skirt at the first meeting for Kingsman Vodka with Gideon."The door opened and I was gestured in first.I made sure to smile brightly as I stepped inside...a smile that froze on my face at the sight of the man rising to his feet at my entrance.My abrupt stop bottle-necked the threshold and Mark ran into my back,sending me stumbling forward.Dark and Dangerous caught me by the waist,hauling me off my feet and directly into his chest." #crossfire

Eva's first day of work at #Crossfire outfit "Sheath dress, black pumps, the white pearls graduation gift from her dad and the Rolex graduation gift from her mother and Straton" Bared to you by Sylvia Day