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Twice-baked zucchini boats. Healthier than twice baked potatoes and no sacrifice of taste. SO good!

These water recipes look great for summer... not to mention it will help me drink more H20

Migaloo, the only known all white humpback whale, was photographed by jenny dean (first, third photos) in the great barrier reef. though often described as albino, migaloo has brown eyes and is more likely leucistic or hypopigmented. last year, a white orca named iceberg was photographed (second photo) for the first time by e. lazareva in the north pacific, but is again not technically believed to be albino.

(glue + water) and brush the inside of the mason jars.Elmer’s glue, and adding water helps it brush on easier. Add glitter of your choice to the inside of the jars, and roll/spin the jar around until the glitter coats the sides. Let dry,add a tea light,and you’re good to go.

Do you know the difference between a leader and boss? #Leadership

How to remove dry erase marker from fabric: Murphy's Oil Soap!! Using it right now to remove it from my white duvet takes a lot of scrubbing, but it works!

Love these simple short sentiment, twine & button cards!............more in lighter colors, and individual tags for gift bags.

Remove sticky label residue with two ingredients from your pantry! vegetable oil and baking soda. equal measures of each. mix, apply to jar thickly on residue and leave for 10 minutes then wash off. really works.