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Jean Shrimpton at Derby Day in Melbourne in Mary Quant, 1965. Jean was the inspiration for Francie - Barbie's cousin

Barbie's Fashion Shop - I had this!! My mom remodeled it with lace curtains in the window and it turned into Barbie's swinging apartment!

My 1966 Francie with bendable legs. Loved Francie she had more natural proportions and cute clothes/shoes. I always that she looked like Marlo Thomas in That Girl

30th Anniversary Francie® Doll (Mattel 1996) LOVED Francie I had a dark hair one too

The Secretary Barbie- I'm saying Manager Barbie!

Vintage Barbie Silhouette And Logo Necklace Pendant Set

Mad Men Barbie - love this for so many reasons, it is so vintage Barbie, no god-awful pinks or purples, the furniture is true to reality not a pink blitz