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The 5 Greatest Weaknesses of DC Superheroes

The 5 Greatest Weaknesses of DC Superheroes

Retro Stars photographed by Leonard Lee xsoulxxxreaperx as Wonder Girl, Katie as Selina Kyle TheZe as Wonder Woman Lovely ladies!

Pepper Potts, Natasha Romanoff, and Maria Hill: the awesome women of The Avengers

Huh, I never noticed that before. That is awesome! Avengers Nick Fury

The Dark Knight Rises It’s almost time… If you recognise this version of Batman, it’s because I used the How It Should Have Ended version. “Because I’m Batman!”

Why Agents of Shield is happening; Obama has a man crush on Agent Coulson and made it happen. Booh-yah, power of office!

The Avengers. love this. so much.

Batman & Robin | Metrocon 2013 (Fri)

Iron Man 3 | This has got to be one of the best lines in the movie :')

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