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Keep brown sugar soft by adding marshmallows to the bag

good to know: when cooling cake layers, place bread slices on top to keep the cake layers soft and moist while the bread becomes hard as a rock. it keeps it from cracking in the middle too! Must keep this in mind.

How To Cook Steaks On Your Stovetop That Taste Better Than in a Fancy Restaurant

The poached egg trick by Julia Child: Pricking the flat end of the egg with a needle and then cooking it in boiling water for about 20 seconds you will give a head start to the coagulation process. After that you have to turn the heat down to a simmer and crack the egg into the water as normal.

When cooking temperatures can be precisely controlled, braised beef short ribs will yield textures ranging from steak-like to flaky.

Instead of making a marinade with rosemary for grilling, place the herb right on the coals. The smoke enhances food in the same way burning wood chips does. Once the coals are uniformly gray and ashy, loosely cover them with fresh rosemary branches (be careful not to burn your hands). Almost any meat or vegetable will benefit from this savory smoking.Read more at Summer Decorating Projects, Crafts, and Party Ideas - Martha Stewart

The prices need updating, but the thought behind this post remains true. I've often heard that people buy convenience foods because they are cheaper. A ten minute tour of the grocery store proves otherwise. A person can live for a day on the price of one cheap fast food meal. ~Ricrac

Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil, toss in pan when needed. No need to ever waste fresh herbs again! -- such a good idea!

How to make frosting colors with a regular box of food coloring

nice way to make bowls out of chocolate!

Games 20 Ideas-games and treats For Parties