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The best and newest music in LftPB next weekend. Listen and watch the video recording already (no narration)

In for some fine music and a view on my beautifull belly?

The finest music is now available in Looking f/t Perfect Beat of last weekend. Go and get your copy on Soundcloud.

Looking for the Perfect Beat 201428 (no narration) - RADIO SHOW

The finest dance music hosted by Irvin cee. Go and grab your copy of last weekend right now Looking f/t Perfect Beat - Once he presses play you are trapped to dance. Irvin Cee is available for International bookings at Clubs, Festivals en Quality bars. More info?

Looking for the Perfect Beat 201425 - RADIO SHOW

HEY DJ. Can you gues this one?

Next week radio show "Looking f/t Perfect Beat" is a wrap! Got some fine music for you, stay tuned.

When I record my one hour radio show I sometimes mix a bit longer because, well, I can't stop This mixtape is what happened after the show. TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO

20140505_After the Show TECHNO TECHNO TECHNO

I apologize in advance if you feel addressed in a negative manner, but then again, it's probably because it's true and you're a troll sir:-)

There is a rapper in all of us. Just add some beats.

The video of last weekend show "Looking f/t Perfect Beat" is online. Watch it now, for some excellent beats.

How we have progressed in such a short space of time

Do 15.05 Debat: van digitaal tot illegaal. De muzikant en zijn/haar rechten | Het Depot - djs and dj mix community. - 20140410_BASSROOM MADNESS special guest Irvin Cee DJ SET 96 by Irvin Cee in Hard Techno Party - The Social DJ Radio is the World's #1 djs and dj Mix community on Pc's, smartphones & mobile devices.

How To Play Long (5+ Hours) DJ Sets: I just adore doing longer sets, as long as I can take U through a journey over multiple genres. Just book me and I'll make it happen.

My radio show of this weekend is now available on Soundcloud.

Leaked Disney character designs from Star Wars VII

EDM is finally dead, TOP 10 edm DJs got killed.

This weekend Radio Show Looking f/t Perfect Beat.