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Jasmine the Greyhound fostering a baby doe. Read her amazing story.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Disaster

Shells At Sunset, Marco Island Beach

Tiny dragon discovered in Indonesia - Draco volans, or the Flying Dragon, is a member of the genus of gliding lizards Draco. It can spread out folds of skin attached to its movable ribs to form "wings" that it uses to glide from tree to tree over distances upwards of 8 metres (25 feet)

In Venezuela, just above the mouth of the Catatumbo River, a lightning storm has been raging for at least two centuries. I know that sounds like science fiction, or some hackneyed fantasy villain's lair -- but it's real. For 160 nights out of the year, the Catatumbo lightning strikes for 10 straight hours, at a rate of nearly 300 strikes per hour.

Every year for a few days in the month of February, the sun’s angle is such, that it lights up Horsetail Falls in Yosemite, as if it were on fire. I would like to see this..

  • Cindy Rector-Benham

    I'm not sure they do this any more. You'd have to check with Yosemite visitors center. I saw this as a child & I still remember how beautiful & exciting it was!