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Soapstone cooking pots based on finds from Haithabu. By Florian Peteranderl

A short History of the medieval Knife

Messer im Mittelalter | Pera Peris Mittelalter Shop

Summary of the finds of various styles of Norse Trousers, and discussion of various reconstruction possibilities.

Temple Rings. Gold, cloisonne enamel. Kyivan Rus. XIIth century.

Стилистика украшений эпохи Киевской Руси

Slavic woman of the Vyatich tribe (see temple rings)

реконструкция | Фотографии Аня Корнеева | 134 фото

Medieval Viking Leather Shoe Making Tutorial, based on real 9th-10th century Norse shoes! Great for reenacting, history enthusiasts, and fans of "barefoot" shoes.

Borum Eshoj

Here lay the dead - Nationalmuseet

Hermitage. Moshchevaya Balka. North Caucasus. Adygo-Alanic culture. 8th-9th century.

Мощевая балка #340 : Víkingahátíð í Vestmannaeyjum | 22.06.2014 : Víkingahátíð í Vestmannaeyjum | 22.06.2014

The remaining fabric and possible reconstruction of the Gnezdovo Rus Viking Dig dated to the 10 century

This another Museum remake of a Rus/ Norse female ensemble from the Ladoga Museum in Russia. The exhibit dates it to 9-10th Century

Photo gallery of Viking Rus period reenactors from Moscow. Includes Varangians and Alania Rus costumes. Photography by Kira Hagen.

Belt pouch. Bronze, fur and paper. The bronze mountings of a belt pouch are attached to paper fastened onto squirrel fur. Grave find, Björkö, Adelsö, Uppland, Sweden.

Skjoldehamn outfit (970-1050) Norway

Diagram showing changing bead and tortoise brooch arrangements in the Migration and Viking era (from the Danish Nationalmuseet)

Rus shoes. Pretty. -- "Ladoga-fest" (Russland) 2013 (Vikingsnitt)

Female decoration in ancient Novgorod and eroticism of the Ancient Slavic Rus. Украшения древних новгородок и древнерусская эротика

very accurate representation of traditional icelandic/viking women's attire. attached to belt would also be small tools for use in daily chores - scissors, knife, small pouches etc.