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early luke danes - Google Search

Luke Danes season 1 - Google Search

1.16 Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers - GG116-01099 - gilmore girls caps - Luke

1.16 Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers - GG116-01096 - gilmore girls caps - Luke

Luke: What is that?Lorelai: It’s my gym card.Luke: You joined a gym?Lorelai: Yeah.Luke: When?Lorelai: After I had Rory, to lose the pregnancy weight.Luke: Did you go?Lorelai: God, no. I was way too fat. Ah, praise be to Him and all the little lambs that frolic the earth with their frankincense and myrrh and -Luke: Would you get inside?Lorelai: Okay.

6.10 He's Slippin' 'Em Bread... Dig? - GG610-01037 - gilmore girls caps

lgraham: bokayjunkie: Lorelai: No one has ever made me a chuppah before. Luke: Well, you only get married once. Theoretically. Lorelai: Yeah, you only get married once.(via javajunkiedaily)

laurengrahamm: LORELAI: Look at her long fingers. LUKE: Yeah, I noticed that, too. LORELAI: What are you gonna be — a pianist when you grow up? Is that what you’re gonna be, pretty girl? Or a pickpocket. Well, yes, you might. You might be a pickpocketing pianist. LORELAI: Pretty. LUKE: She’s trying to take my finger. (7.10, Merry Fistcuffs)

laurengrahamm: Luke sees Lorelai’s engagement ring (to Christopher) for the first time. (7.08, Introducing Lorelai Planetarium)

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Gilmore Girls - Movies & TV on Google Play

Luke Danes "I'm all in" - Google Search