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Emperor Tamarin by Broken Inaglory, wikipedia: This small, new world monkey found in Central and South America is said to be named for its resemblance to Emperor Wilhelm II. It grows to a diminutive 10" in length (with a 14" tail) and a weight of about 14ounces. Even females and the young sport fashionable moustaches. #Emperor_Tamarin #Broken_Inaglory #wikipedia

This may look like a plump, friendly kangaroo that didn't eat its vegetables when it was little so its growth was stunted... but you'd be wrong. No my friends, this is actually a Quokka, only found on a couple of small islands off the coast of Western Australia.

Monkey Face Orchid by Columbus GV Team: Taken on a Habitat for Humanity Global Village mission trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador in June 2008. #ColumbusGVTeam #Ecuador #Monkey_Face_Orchid

Mikrokopter is a German self stabilizing drone which can be used as a flying tripod for digital photography. by #Photography #MiKroKopter #Tripod #Drone #twam_info