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Hamsa Hands & Other Charms

Every culture throughout history has found images that serve as a source of comfort and protection. The Hand (Khamsa) has long represented blessings, power and strength and is thus seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye. It can be seen adorning walls in Catal Huyuk - a paleolithic site in southern Turkey. The Nazar or Evil Eye charm harks back to the even more ancient Eye of Horus. The Winged Heart calls to mind heavenly forces acting in our defense.

Morocco | Large vintage Khamsa {aka. Hamsa or Hand of Fatima} pendant | Sterling silver | 339$

Hand of Fatima, Hamsa, Khamsa, Pendant Vintage Bronze. Circle Glass Tile Art Photo

Hamsa Necklace Hand Of Fatima Hand of God by GlassEnamelbyJulie

Rainbow Moonstone Lotus Hamsa Necklace - Copper, Sterling Silver, One Of A Kind Hand Of Fatima OOAK Artisan Copper Jewelry

Michal Golan Blue/Green Hamsa Necklace 4

Michal Golan Blue/Green Hamsa Necklace #16212

Stunning stained glass window pane with red hamsa motif

Hamsa Stained Glass Symbol Window Panel

Hamsa hand in bright watercolours.

Hamsa Hand of Prosperity | Mystical Art Prints | Giclee

Item No.: NEC-BLAR-472012 Beaded Lariat Necklaces Hand of Fatima Pendants by hebaalayyan, $43.00

Turquoise and Bronze Hamsa Necklace by maggiezees on Etsy

"In Karelia there was an ancient belief in the Sielulintu or Soul bird. It was believed the Sielulintu protected a person's soul at its most vulnerable when dreaming. It was tradition to keep a carved wooden bird by the bedside to keep the soul safe during sleep. Use this bird as a symbol of good luck, protection and happiness. To a happy soul!"

A beautiful silver protection amulet dating from the late 19th century and showing the footprints of Vishnu ... a collector's item but also perfectly portable!

Maison Halter Ethnics

This amulet is said to have special (apotropaic) value when worn as a protection against evil. This silver die-stamped amulet called "madaliya" comes from Rajasthan.

Maison Halter Ethnics

Amuletic Pendant, Byzantine.5-6th century.

Art Deco Emerald Diamond Platinum Drop Pendant Necklace. Important pendant drop necklace with beautiful handmade open workmanship, designed with a spiderweb motif.One emerald cut emerald on top weighing approximateley 1 carat with beautiful intense green color and high qualty middle center emerald round cut weighing approx. 2 carats.The third bottom emerald is cushion cut beautiful color and clean quality with very little inclusions, weighing approx. 1.50 carats. c 1920s

hamsa art

Mary DeLave's Art: June 2011