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I have no patience for a man that can't act like a man. I already have a pussy, I don't need another.

Maybe I should print this on the back of my cards, lol...

When Aries is silent, they are thinking, crying inside, irritated from waiting or all of the above :)

Only the medical field realizes this statement is incorrect. Delusion=nonbizzare unicorns=bizzare. Ecard fail.

Just keep swimming :)

see those initials--kh? That's me! Someone took this out of my brain and put it on a wall! I feel so violated, so...oh, who gives a fuck.

...not every bad day... and sometimes it's "tequila-rough sex-tequila", just sayin'

I've met some beautiful women in my life and you know what... Not all were thin or skinny... Some were big but they were so beautiful on the inside, you couldn't help but see them gorgeous on the outside... And that's 100% the truth!!!

Marilyn Monroe Quote