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Where will I get my protein?! - The most asked question. Typically prefaced with, "be sure you take a multivitamin if you are going to do a vegan diet."

Twitter / BestProFitness: Your guide to a Vegan diet ...

11 vegan egg substitutes I normally use applesauce

dangerous "carbs"!

  • Jessica Boynton

    Carbs also make you alive. You gotta be sensible about all the fitness information that's out there and do your homework before making absolutist decisions. (This comment isn't aimed at anyone in particular - I just hope people realize that the fitness industry is plagued by more misinterpretation of information than just about any other).

  • Teresa Yeates

    It is this sort of thinking that which leads to exclusionist behavior which leads to weight gain. Everything is fine in moderation, good fats, bad fats, protiens, carbs.,exercise etc. There are no short cuts and cutting things out is the quickest way to gain weight.

  • Teresa Yeates

    Sorry, late, tired, spelling mistakes, not illit.

  • Tawnia Luong

    Carbs are turned into glycogen in your body which is the main food source for your brain, if you are not eating carbs you are limiting your brains ability to function the way it should. This is why people become irritable when they are on low carb diets.

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