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Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Tattoos inked on the delicate body of female are alluring and adds to the angelic appearance of girls.

#sexyTattooIdeas A Girl inked with Dog Paw colored Tattoo On Her butt.

Rose Tattoo Inked On Back by ADN (Spain)

Peacock Feather Tattoo Design On Wrist

A Girl Showing A Red Rose And Bird By Her Shoulder

Heart And Tribal Clef Tattoo Design.....Looking Beautiful.

Cat Paw Tattoo Design On Back.


Humming bird and flower inked on ankle...

fairy inked in blue on arm.... superb design... great colors...

Color Flowers Tattoo Inked On Ribs By: MANUEL DIOSDADO TATT ARTIST

Sakura tattoo represents power. Mostly in the domination of the female persona.....

A Peacock Inked On The Side Back - Side Ribs Of Girl Looks Stunning.

Floral Tattoo On Girl`s Back

Dandelion inked on ribs... a beautiful tattoo idea for girls

Roses With Swirls On Ribs By Jake Miller

marvelous...Girl with Tattoo Of Flower With Tribal Fines Around It On Her Back

Mermaid tattoo full sleeve....

Daisy Flower Tattoo Pic Art. great work...

Lotus tattoo inked on thigh...

Beautiful recessed shading on this Swallow tattoo. Artist: Emre Cebeci

A Beautiful Ribpiece Tattoo... Amazing Tattoo Idea For Girls...