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Top 8 Qualities of an Effective Leader

25 TED Talks Perfect For Classrooms: #1 - On liking classical music, and #24 - a 12 year old girl on why adults need to think like kids I teach with TED all the time... So it could be worth comparing my list...

Oh, My Word! I LOVE this!!! Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, There's a Leader in us All!

Runde's Room: Passion Projects in the Classroom

Teaching today's web-centric kids; eportfolios, twitter, edmodo, Google Docs and Sites to create passion driven learning

climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world

Want to try an e-portfolio project? We've gathered some tips on how to choose the right tool to get started.

My First 3 Days In A 1:1 iPad Classroom! THIS GUY' SITE IS FULL OF GOOD INFO!!! And flipped it. This is us!! (Hopefully!!!)

Apps that Collect Data to Document Student Growth

Leadership Qualities | #leadership

Learning to Be a Leader: Leaders Must Be Curators

A Guide to Implementing Student-led Conferences

52 Random Acts of Kindness to do With Kids