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Trail Camera Pictures It Happens in Alabama

These are pictures taken with a trail camera. We were trying to see if there were hogs on this land. The pictures were taken with the Moultrie LX30-IR Infrared Game Camera that relies on its infrared flash to deliver powerful photos and video, without scaring the game away from your favorite spot.

While we were able to catch a great number of Wild hogs on the trail cam this year, we were unable to invite one home for the freezer. Luckily, hog season runs all year. We'll try again after deer season. ithappensinalabam...

Feral hogs are an adaptable species that utilize a variety of habitat types from bottomland hardwoods forests, marshes, and swamps to agricultural lands. They prefer large forested areas with hard and soft mast crops with marshes, ponds, drainages, dense cover, and limited human disturbance. ithappensinalabam...

This is a small Jake. There are alot of turkeys in the area. Alabama wildlife, Alabama outdoors, hunting, wild game. ithappensinalabam...

It Happens in Alabama

This is another pig. It's hard to tell the size because of the distance. Hog Hunting, Alabama Outdoors, Wildlife, Trail Cam.