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Health tips

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Alkaline Foods List tells you whether if the foods you are eating are acidic or alkaline - big impact on your health and body!

alkaline foods - make sure to eat more of these types of foods to keep the ph balanced in your body for better health

Do this routine before every shower: 50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, and 30 second plank. I like the idea of doing it before every shower, then it is easier to become part of a routine

Are you looking for a way to connect with your kids? Do you wish there was something you could do to get the kids in your life to try, maybe even like, yoga?

Beets! Red never looked soooo good. 1.Beets alkalinity is essential and effective in combating acidosis. 2.All it’s healing and medicinal values effectively normalizes blood pressure, lowering high blood pressure or elevating low blood pressure. 3.Betaine, an amino acid in beetroot, has significant anti-cancer properties. Studies show that beet juice inhibits formation of cancer-causing compounds and is protective against colon the link for the rest! #health #fitness #juicing