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GREAT idea for homework organization---or any work that needs to be turned in! You can quickly see who is missing their work!

Because no one actually gets a job given to them without applying first!

Grouping students tool for the classroom - each child chooses a kiss. Use kisses and garage sale dot stickers!

Fourth grade read aloud book suggestions from This Lunch Rox

Neat Idea! One student is selected to be the "Ask Me" person (to help students who need assistance) while the teacher works with small groups-no disruptions for the teacher!!!

if you could blow this up HUGE and frame it...that would be a cool way to learn the bones

Top Tips for the First Days of School. Some of these are really good, even for secondary. Loved these activities! For teachers.

Ideas for greeting students to Increase Engagement and classroom community

So FREAKIN' cool! Wow... I don't how this guy figured this out, but he is a genius. Trick to multiplication tables 6X6 and above... the ones I find most difficult to remember.

Quiet critters-when you decide it is important for students to be quiet pass out quiet critters- take them away from students who talk. At the end of the activity anyone who still has a quiet critter gets a prize, point, whatever you use. Brilliant!

Each colored shelf for different reading levels (instead of stickers and the books randomly mixed together). Love this idea!