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Party Bird Feeder

Flock Party Bird Feeder - JUNKMARKET Style

Cindy Lou Farley's Birdhouses, clay and glaze fired to cone 5, copper wire.

Goldfinch on bleeding heart

Bird on Bloom by Christopher Cove | 500px

~ Poupa Hoopoe ~ by Faisca The Hoopoe is somewhat smaller in size than a pigeon, and has pale, yellow-brown feathers. The tail is touched with black and white, and it also has a large crest of black and white on the top of its head. They are primarily ground feeders and use their long, slender and slightly curved bills to probe for large insects, worms, and lizards.

Awww..... I want it !

birds_song collage art digital

DIY- Birds nest in a covered cake plate . Sets beautiful as a table center piece.

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