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800 words about James and Sirius written for charity. Free on Goodreads. pinning so i dont forget! -------- need to check this out

"The world will break your heart ten ways to Sunday"

Snag FREE books for your Kindle- 7 Web Sites!

This site is actually very cool. Type in your favorite book and it will list 20 others similar to it. :) This could be life-changing!!

20 Books to Read in Your Twenties - Includes one of my all-time favorites, The Scarlet Letter

Chelsea Lately VIP Tickets and Signed Book in Ebay Charity Auction.

EVERY woman should read this book. Not only is it great for your relationship or what have you but a great insight on how men think - if you truly would like to learn to understand how they think, operate, and importantly, how they love.