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Enid Blyton - her Famous Five and Adventure Series and Malory Towers WERE my childhood. Meant for kids, but I still love them. That's the beauty. Adventure Series even scared me a bit when I first read them! Reading her books was magical.

Kept me turning the pages. Yes, it's a mainstream thriller for the masses, blah blah. But it makes for a good waste of time.

Mary Higgins Clark. Kind of a kids mystery writer...well it does have serious plots and everything but not the seriousness/morbidity that Sheldon or Connelly or other popular fiction authors would have. But they're enjoyable!

The Shakespeare Curse by J.L Carrell Absolutely loved this.

I recommend. Plot thickens after a while, so getting to that point may take a while and may be boring, but it's worth it.Too much description in scenes and of LA, which is annoying (a lot).

My first Connelly. He won me over. Brilliant story. Thrilling till the last page and never let's you think the story's over. Twists and even more twists. Totally recommended.

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Every page is filled with humorous writing...impossible to hold in the laughter. Turns your dull day upside down :) Full of ridiculous, completely stupid people who would generally annoy me, but with the way wodehouse writes makes me love the story even more!

Too funny :) Always a pleasure.