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Ugly Easter Sweaters

Ugly sweaters aren't just for Christmas anymore. Fug out with the Easter bunny!

Quacker Factory Easter Bunny Tacky Ugly Sweater Womens Plus Size 1X Brand New! $45 (click thru--the back side has the back of the bunny!)

Susan Bristol Pastel Spring Bunny Rabbit Easter Cotton Cardigan Sweater M | eBay $24.50

Marisa Christina Classic Sweater Vest Easter Bunny Ladies Medium | eBay $9.99

Womans Quacker Factory Turquoise Tulip Bunny Easter Cardigan Sweater Size Small | eBay $12.75

Michael Simon Easter Sweater Vest Ladies Women Medium with Bunnies and Eggs | eBay $15.99

M Quacker Factory 3D Bunny Love Crewneck Tunic Sweater Royal Blue Easter Rabbit | eBay $19.99

Vintage 1994 Michael Simon Pink Bunny Sweater Size 2 Med LRG | eBay $20.50

Eagles Eye Bunny Pears Floral Theme Design Hand Knit Cardigan Sz M | eBay $19.95

Hand Knitted Marisa Christina Classics Cardigan Easter Bunny Sweater | eBay $39.99

Jack B Quick Berek Nordstrom Pink Easter Bunny Cardigan Sweater P M Cute | eBay $29.99

Womens Jack B Quick Light Blue Easter Bunny Sweater Size Medium Worn 1 Time | eBay $39.99

Jack B Quick Berek Easter Bunny Rabbits Eggs Beaded Sweater Medium M JBQ | eBay $39.99

Alexandra Bartlett Easter Themed Spring Cardigan Ladies Sweater Bunny Basket M | eBay $39

Quacker Factory Bunny Sweater 2X Blue Spring Easter Long Sleeve Plus Size Womens | eBay $59.99

New Quacker Factory Blue Rabbit Bunny Flower Tunic Sweater Easter Size M | eBay $59.99