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people on krokodil - Google Search

Before & After Drugs | Real Life Infographic Depicting the Destructive Power of Meth Ok guys these are bad pictures but they are the truth. This stuff is poison. PLEASE don't even try it because is locks onto you. We all deserve better than this. Don't do it to yourself

Substance abuse is a disease and we need to address it better than just incarcerating people. I know too many people who are struggling with this addiction and the saddest thing is they believe they are fine..

Jael was introduced to methamphetamine and today at the age of only 28, she has rotten teeth, a body covered in meth sores, and she is homeless. This is what’s left after a six year battle with drugs.

Blog FUAD - Informasi Dikongsi Bersama: Faces Of Meth Addicts

Bersama: Faces Of Meth Addicts

Infographic: How Marijuana Works | National Geographic Channel

Seriously, Don't Use Krokodil, it eats your body from the inside out..

people on krokodil - Google Search these are not photo shopped this drug is a monster