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The finest voice-over movie ever made about a chosen one wandering the wilderness, using gopher chucks. "That's a lotta nuts!"

The movie that started it all. Without stopping to think whether it ought to be started.

As much hilarious as it is filled with sad nostalgia. Johnny Depp stars as the creator of some of the best worst movies of all time. Worth the price, in my opinion, to see Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi grappling with lifeless rubber monster tentacles.

One of Jurgen Prochnow's best performances, in one of the best WW II movies ever made. A submersive experience in more ways than one; you'll be rooting for the bad guys. Recommended.

Based on the story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale", by Philip K. Dick. Supposedly due to be remade, although I don't see how they could improve on the fun of Verhoeven's version. Recommended.

The movie that put Oliver Stone on the map, and rightly so. Now with added tiger blood!

If you don't know or love Parker Posey prior to watching this little-known film, you will do both afterward. A linguistic thrill a minute.