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Inspirations - ApocalypseWorld

Inspirations for my post-apocalyptic games and stories.

Post-apocalyptic Captain America. That's pretty awesome.

(via Jay Riffs 2 by NuclearSnailStudios on deviantART)

(via Kate Riffs by NuclearSnailStudios on deviantART)

Post Apocalyptic Fashion: What You Need To Wear For The End Of The World

Kadykchan, Russia Kadykchan, Russia, was a coal-mining town. It suffered an economic disaster. After the collapse of the USSR, there were no funds to support small towns.In fact, Kadykchan was completely cut off ― communications were disconnected and running water was discontinued. The residents had to pick up and move.(image credits:English Russia,English Russia)

Abandoned railway station in Abkhazia, a former Russian territory, left completely untouched since the fall of the Soviet Union

Abandoned Sea Forts - UK

An abandoned cable car at an abandoned mental hospital. This would have been the only way up to the hospital in the winter. It's like something out of a Hitchcock movie...very cool!

Ystrad Einon Copper mine