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LOVE THIS! The Daring Interview Series: Meet Elizabeth Gilbert - Brené Brown


“In his pursuit of the dream, he was being constantly subjected to tests of his persistence and courage…” - The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

I'm from Wyoming so it doesn't do to curse the wind...besides that, it hurts the Wind Beings feelings. Wind moves as it must for the overall health of the planet, so next time you're facing the wind - smile and spread your arms out and fly! Backwards, I guess (Oh well, turn around then.) Johan Adkins


artsy forager - finding the artsy

Been chasing it for years can't give up now

Everybodys Life Is A Story... A Book Of Their Own. I'm Setting Out To Make Mine A Best Seller ~Crystal Palos ♥

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth. - This is so hard to survive when the person who means the most to you, sees you as something of absolutely no value anymore. When the person you love the most sees you as worthless, it is nearly impossible not to see yourself as worthless too.

Until you believe in yourself, hang out with a true believer.....somebody who believes in you now. Your personal sponsor is a good place to start. You can do this. We can help. #ambitwomen